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North by Northwest


I often get asked, “Did you appear in NORTH BY NORTHWEST?”

Yes, I did have a days work on Hitchcock’s NORTH BY NORTHWEST. It was a first day before the camera, I had one scene with Cary Grant in Grand Central Station.  No rehearsals.  As an innocent young girl, I was already in awe of Cary Grant’s charisma power. The scene was brief – I walked across the station floor, and when I stopped on my mark, Carry Grant approached me. His cologne was overpowering! My lines never left my mouth, I fainted. As I opened my eyes, Mr. Grant was standing over me – I got dizzy again – and I was replaced!

Mr. Hitchcock did sign his mystery magazine for me, his humor made it all Okay.

Be well and happy ,
All Good To Our Fans  -Dyanne

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