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Cinema Wasteland October 2012


Here are some photos from the October 2012 Cinema Wasteland show.

Ilsa clay statue by artist Barry Crawford. Dyanne and Howard with fans Mike Natarelli (of Last Detail Tattoo Studio) & wife Cari. The Serial Killers 25th anniversary reunion, note the Ilsa image on the guitar (artwork by Mike Natarelli).

North by Northwest


I often get asked, “Did you appear in NORTH BY NORTHWEST?”

Yes, I did have a days work on Hitchcock’s NORTH BY NORTHWEST. It was a first day before the camera, I had one scene with Cary Grant in Grand Central Station.  No rehearsals.  As an innocent young girl, I was already in awe of Cary Grant’s charisma power. The scene was brief – I walked across the station floor, and when I stopped on my mark, Carry Grant approached me. His cologne was overpowering! My lines never left my mouth, I fainted. As I opened my eyes, Mr. Grant was standing over me – I got dizzy again – and I was replaced!

Mr. Hitchcock did sign his mystery magazine for me, his humor made it all Okay.

Be well and happy ,
All Good To Our Fans  -Dyanne

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